Milton Keynes Air Rifle Club

On target since 1999

Welcome to Milton Keynes Air Rifle Club

We provide a safe and friendly environment for the enjoyment of air rifle & air pistol shooting. Whatever your ability, MKARC is a great place to find advice and support in this fantastic hobby. We cater for a broad spectrum of airgun shooters from dedicated competition shooters, through to new shooters and plinkers.

Do I need to own a gun?

No and if you're new to the sport we'd encourage you to come

down and have a go first. We have our own club rifles and

pistols to get you started. 

What do we shoot?

A practice range set up with multiple knockdown & reset targets

set from distances of 8 to 55 yards (50M).
25m bench rest
10m match shooters
10m pistol target and plinking range. (Pellet and BB firing guns)


If you fancy having a go, please use our 'Contact us' form below to register your interest and we'll make arrangements for you to come and visit. 

You can find out more by browsing our website.

We hope to see you soon!

Mick Tony and Andy

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