MKARK Christmas Shoot 2017
The Victor and the Worthy Runner Up in the Sporting Rifle competition after a shoot off
Intense concentration on the Benchrest  Rifle line.  There was a stiff crosswind throughout the day.
The Sporting Rifle line up.  Hard to believe there was 12cm of snow on the ground the weekend before.
25 Yards looks a long way away. One of the targets looks like it's caught the wind.  That won't help their score.
Pistols too.  A contest of accuracy and speed.
And Thanks to those who make it happen.
Christmas Shoot Top Shots:
Sporting Rifle - Paul Kennedy
Benchrest Rifle - Sylvia Rabbetts
Pistol - Matthew Evans​​​
Junior - Evelyn Vogwell​
Overall Champion (highest accumulated score over the three competitions - Simon Butler​
Simon Butler on his way to the MKARK Christmas Shoot Champion Shot.