Milton Keynes Air Rifle Club was formed in 1999 to provide a local venue for the safe enjoyment of air rifle shooting sports. The club is affiliated to the National Small Bore Rifle​​association (NSRA).

Much of the rifle shooting undertaken at the club involves Field Target type targets.

​Field Target shooting originated just over 30 years ago. It involves shooting at steel targets at ranges between 8 and 55 yards (7 – 50 meters).

​The small white disc in the centre is 1.6 inches across (40 mm) and this is the knock down zone. A hit in the knock down zone will collapse the target and score one point; hitting the black (known as the face plate) scores no points. Smaller targets known as reducers (1”, 25 mm) and minis (0.6”, 15 mm) may also be encountered. On the practice range you will see an adaptation of this concept; a practice target has two target zones but does not collapse on being hit.

​A more recent form of Field Target shooting known as HFT will score two points for a knock down and one for a face plate.

​Club members also participate in 10M match shooting, although normally an indoor form of shooting, our members shoot under outdoor conditions, which may prove more trying.

​Recently the club has started to compete in "Bench-rest" shooting, which is proving very popular.

​Pistol shooting is also catered for and is a developing area within club activities.

All shooting is carried out using air rifles or air pistols which do not exceed the legal power limits defined in the 1968 Firearms Act as requiring a “Firearms Certificate” (FAC). 
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