Milton Keynes Air Rifle Club

On target since 1999

2019's Easter Shoot took place on Sunday 7th April in memory of our late Chairman and Club founder, Derek Perkiss.

Six hard fought rifle and pistol competitions culminated in the presentation of the Derek Perkiss Memorial Trophy to our overall winner Gregor Milmine, congratulations. Also congratulations to Edward Wright, our Junior Champion

          25m Bench Rest                                10m Rifle Knockdown                               Rubber Duck Pistol Plink                             

          1st Eve Vogwell                                    1st Gregor Milmine                                        1st James Gorbold

          2nd John Daulton                                 2nd Chris Carey                                              2nd Jon Evans

          3rd Paul Vogwell                                 3rd Edward Wright                                        2nd Gregor Milmine

                                                           Bell Target                                                  Pink Bunnies

                                                             Jon Evans                                                       Matthew Wright

A big thank you to all who helped and all who came.